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Varicose veins warning sign of deadly blood clots

Varicose veins warning sign of deadly blood clots

However, researchers in Taiwan looked at data on more than 400,000 people and found varicose veins were associated with the more serious deep vein thrombosis.

In addition, the researchers found higher risks for pulmonary embolisms and peripheral artery disease in patients with varicose veins, though these findings were less clear due to some factors in the study.

Researchers discovered people with varicose veins were at a five times expanded danger of creating DVT - a clot in the legs which can prompt removal or even demise.

And they were twice as likely to develop a pulmonary embolism - a clot which travels into the lungs and can be deadly.

Varicose veins are swollen and broadened veins that more often than not happen on the legs and feet.

Chang and colleagues matched via propensity score 212,984 patients with varicose veins (mean age, 55 years; 69% women) with 212,984 controls without varicose veins (mean age, 54 years; 70% women) and compared incidence rates of DVT, PE and PAD.

More research is needed to understand whether that association is causal or if it reflects a common set of risk factors, the researchers said.

They happen when the valves in the veins separate, enabling blood to stream in reverse and gather at specific focuses.

In any case, they trust irritation in the veins are presumably included, whichever the reason. Have you got varicose veins?

They are also linked to pregnancy as gestation causes the volume of blood in the body to increase but reduces the flow from the legs to the pelvis.

The Study Chen's team conducted a retrospective cohort study using claims data from Taiwan's National Health Insurance program that excluded any patients who were previously diagnosed with DVT, PE, or PAD. This type of blood clot commonly forms in veins, with the new research becoming one of the first in the world to link varicose veins with a health issue.

Writing in the JAMA medicinal diary, they stated: 'Patients with varicose veins have expanded levels of provocative and ace thrombotic markers'.


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