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Fans Still Vow To See "A Wrinkle in Time" Despite Negative Reviews

Fans Still Vow To See

Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time is a landmark film even before it hits the theatres. And at its core, that's what she delivered.

GUGU MBATHA-RAW: (As Mrs. Murry) Think about quantum entanglement - two electrons once bonded together in love, if you will, suddenly separated by a galaxy but somehow still just as connected. (Which I will get into in more depth later).

The heart of A Wrinkle in Time is Storm Reid who plays Meg Murry, a young girl struggling with the disappearance of her father four years ago. "Your father's trapped by an evil energy".

STORM REID: (As Meg) Mrs. who?

Oprah Winfrey, in a bit of casting nearly too spot-on, is Which, the wisest of them all. Eventually, all of their searchings lead to a showdown with the "It", which makes Meg face all of her fears and insecurities, and ultimately save her family.

I'll start by saying this... Some of the sets were really inspired.

MILLER: (As Calvin) I trust you. But that's literally as kind as I can be because there are some major problems with this movie! They're both cracking yarns and remarkably emotionally complex, and inspired many young people to reach outside of their own perceptions.

Gerima is an Ethiopian filmmaker who came to the United States and went to film school at UCLA, and now is a professor at Howard University, and runs the film program there.

"I was excited to work with everyone", he said. "I knew I wanted it to be a girl of color", Ava DuVernay tells ET. DuVernay and the film's credited screenwriters, Frozen director Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell, have a whole host of ideas they want to bring to the film and the themes of finding one's strength and positivity are welcome.

In addition to a battle between darkness and light, an obvious subtext of "A Wrinkle in Time" is hair. For example, there's the scene from the trailer where the kids find themselves in a spooky, cookie-cutter, suburban nightmare where the inhabitants of the neighborhood seem to be under some kind of mind control.

The movie is supposed to be an epic adventure, but instead it feels like a taxi ride to somewhere with lovely scenery in between. Which (Winfrey as the wise sage), Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon as the spunky communicator) and Mrs. I don't know, I have a very soft spot for her. I kept expecting a big reveal that would wrap these insane frayed ends together and help the story make sense to me, but it never came. When they need to get somewhere fast, Reese Witherspoon turns into a flying cabbage. The film could have used more "show, don't tell" moments. Completely uninteresting, and literally does nothing but possess Charles Wallace. He is being held captive by a universe-spanning evil called "the It" and they must rescue him before it's too late. Forgiveness is an element that is completely exorcised from the film, and it ends up hurting Meg's journey as a character.

That's when her NASA scientist father (Chris Pine in a brief but strong appearance) disappeared, shortly after telling the world that people could travel the universe if they just find "the right frequency" and channel their thoughts in that direction. "And we've all seen things". Awful sound. But the saddest part of all is the wasted potential for a new fantasy/adventure franchise.

Leaving the cinema, I saw a small, sweet girl standing with her mother who was in line waiting to pick up her embargoed phone from an usher. During her short speech at the screening, DuVernay also made mention of a similar project, The Neverending Story, and I remembered being equally confused and charmed by that particular flick as a child and as an adult. Personally, I wanted this movie to be awesome. Following Selma and 13th, director Ava DuVernay saturates the film with colorful costumes, locations, and effects, drawing from multiple cultures and eras. But I don't think this is the movie that's going to take her there!


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